Start Up Business Services

At Tier4 Tech, we understand that to Plan, Architect & Deliver a profitable and streamlined business solution for Startup companies, poses a unique set of challenges. 

We offer a suite of services that enable our SMB/Startup clients the flexibility of getting the benefits of what larger IT corporations do, only at a more competitive price.

A way to overcome the large expense of starting or maintaining a SMB/Startup is to allow qualified consultants to maintain or manage a part of your operation that doesn’t really need a full time employee.

There are many small scale duties that can be automated  to us that will enable you to focus on the large scale items to ensure a profitable and a smooth running operation.

Common Tasks that can be relieved for the SMB/Startup may include:

  • Recruiting/Screening employees for your business. We offer technical and non technical recruiting.
  • Website design/website planning/Logo Design/SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Specialized IT/Network Consulting/Automation Strategies
  • We offer Business Development Plans to ensure your company on track with your goals.
  • Customer Outsourcing for office duties/functions that may be cost effective for your organization.
  • Specialized Email Bundling and Collaboration Services

We understand that there are many variables that need to be handled in the  the beginning, our road mapping will bring your vision to reality.

How do we do this?

We PLAN your vision, ARCHITECT your roadmap to success and DELIVER your solution. It really is that simple. 

As SMB/Startup Clients, we also want be your partner as your business grows,  so we also offer ongoing support to ensure you are on track.


Tier4Tech is the right startup partner for your IT solution.  Contact us TODAY!