Who is Tier4Tech?

Tier4 Technology is a Global IT Consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of Information Technology.  Our polished and skillful Leadership Team has worked in competitive markets in both the US and Asia.  Our team members have  expertise in all cutting edge Strategies and Technology.


In Every organization, there are fundamental core values that guide us in our decision and provide a solid operating structure for our company. Tier4 Technology follows the same. Our vision and philosophy on how we , Plan for our clients needs, Architect a solution and Deliver on our promise enforces our high standards.

Our Vision:

Our vision combines the use of technology and business hand in hand. Tier4Tech leads with innovative, practical, and functional solutions for our clients in this changing world of IT. 

Our Philosophy:

We Listen and Plan the right solution for your Need.


We gladly share our knowledge and expertise along with our resources.  Equally as important, is understanding and implementing the right solutions for your business needs.


Whether you are an IT guru, or a Business Professional, or a startup,  we will offer our expert opinion and explain it terms where all parties are clear on the deliverables.


We listen to what your needs are and will implement a solution that benefits you, your company and most importantly your bottom line.


Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is our #1 priority.  We like to do business the old fashioned way.  We like to sit down, discuss and come up with solutions that benefit the company.

We forge long lasting partnerships and will grow as your company grows, provide you with solutions when other pressing matters are on your plate, and will work with you based on your budgets.




On various areas on our page, you will hear that mantra. These three words are so simple, yet mean so much. It is our focus to provide your company with the personalized attention that it deserves and solution that works with you for the long haul. 


Welcome to our way of doing business.  Welcome to Tier4Tech