You focus on your patients…let us focus on the IT


The healthcare field is an ever changing. With new rising insurance costs, overhead and budgetary issues. Managing a healthcare IT department or even your own practice can be daunting when you have patients that need your expertise.


Tier4 Technology understands your needs and our qualified experts take a personal approach when working with our healthcare professionals. Whether you are building a new practice, or just doing a major upgrade, let Tier4  Technology plan  your IT roadmap  efficiently, effectively  from the start to meet your needs today and in future.



We offer a personalized approach to phase integration and planning of your network infrastructure.  We expect you to grow, and Tier4 will ensure your IT solutions grow with you.

Future Considerations can prevent costly mistakes from faulty designs.

Some Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

1. What would happen if I lost my patients clinical and financial data?

2. Could I re-create that data?  What type of expense would that run my practice?

3. Is my data safeguarded and protected?

4. What type of downtime would I endure if I had to shut down my office to “Technical Problems?”

5.  Are you using Tapes and USB Hard Drives…is there a better solution?

6. Is my data being backed up?


Even if you have such services,  making sure they work together in harmony ensures your practice running smoothly.  Let Tier4 Plan your roadmap to an effective, efficient  and more profitable practice.


Contacting us beforehand for hardware design placement will ensure that patient care is not interrupted. We can create a reliable service network that will prevent costly mistakes.


We offer disaster and recovery methods, and back-up solutions intended to safeguard patient records.


You focus on your patients, let Tier4 Manage the IT.


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