What does SEO stand for? This acronym itself stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO? The process of optimizing a website to rank better in the search engines for any given set of keywords. I.E when a customer Google’s your business or service you show up on the first page.

When can I expect to see results? Some websites can rank within weeks some can take a few months. This time span depends on the search engine’s processes, your content and age of website as well as your level of competition.

Can we rank for everything (huge list of keywords)? Sure but it can take much much longer, its not a very efficient way to rank.

How much does SEO cost? Our small business seo packages start from $99 and go up to $500 or more for custom packages.

How to submit my new site to Google/Bing/Yahoo etc.? The search engines provide a few submission portals but these days your website it submitted through content and XML Sitemaps. XML Sitemap is what Google uses to read your website.

Do I need meta tags for SEO? Meta tags are not as important as they used to be but its still a good way for Google to be able to decide what your website is about and where to place you in the search engines.

Do I need a high PageRank for SEO? No, onpage and offpage seo is what you need to rank in the search engines. Pagerank makes almost no difference.

Can’t I just do SEO myself?  Many professional schools don’t train web designers about SEO and the constant changes made in the seo field. Its best left to seo professionals. Plus SEO is a separate job entity in of itself.

Does Google hate SEO? No, Google provides information and website tools to help webmasters fine-tune their SEO efforts. What Google does hate is spam.

Is blog commenting for SEO spam? Like in many other cases, it depends on how it is used. Your name or keyword should be relevant and comment value needs to be added.

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