Web Design

Our Web Design Services are tailored to your Business Needs.  Since Tier4Tech works in many different Industries, you can rest assured that your website will be a reflection of you.

Of Course Price is a factor with any new business.   Web Design can be not only expensive, but a time consuming effort.  Time that should be used on focusing on your existing business, clients or patients.

Questions a Business Owner may ask when it comes to web design may include:

1. How much will a new site cost

2. What should it look like

3. Will it be “optimized” (SEO)

4. What about logo and print?

Other times, the function may need to be completely outsourced to us,  because you may have to work on other functions that are more important to keep your business profitable.


Either a website will include their prices or they wont.  Ever wonder why they sometimes don’t.  Simple, because small business owners may start stressing out on cost.   The thought of doing the website yourself (although tempting), may turn into a time consuming effort and take time away from what you really need to be focusing on.

With Tier4Tech, you don’t have to worry,  since our motto is:


We know that its more efficient to charge by the project and not by the hour.  Our simple packages are designed to offer a streamlined and “Drama Free Approach” to web design.

Quality  Control:

So you have a figured out what your website should be about, what you would like it to look like, and have an idea of what features you want on it… now you just need to get it out to the world wide web and off you go!

BUT WAIT,  is it possible to get a great looking site that with one of our packages?  The answer is yes, because we don’t compromise quality in our designs.  Affordability and Web Design go hand in hand with us.  At Tier4Tech our mission is grow with you as your business grows.   Just because a website is affordable doesn’t mean it cant be beautiful.

But for those that have something special or custom in mind…..

We do offer HOURLY RATES…

Sometimes your website is a bit more complex or you just have a special section that requires some detailed coding.  We meet our customers unique needs by offering hourly rates for those projects that require it.

If a project exceeds the scope of the package we will notify you before anything is charged to your account. We will never charge you for anything unless you have confirmed and approved the invoice beforehand.